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Nantong Broad Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Development  Path
1998 - The new branch office was established in 2003, is the predecessor of Nantong Broad Biochemical Co., Ltd.
2003 "Nantong Broad Biochemical Co., Ltd." was established, the products include a variety of industrial, Japanese-based fungicides, wood preservatives, fungicides, fungicides.
In 2005 received support for the cause of fire "advanced unit" honor.
In 2006 won the Nantong City, "2A level contract and trustworthy enterprise" honor.
In 2007 and Yangzhou University, Nanjing University of Technology and other major institutions to establish talent cooperation.
In 2008 to further strengthen scientific research investment, new 6,000 square meters research building, product "production, study, research" to provide a stronger and broader platform; the same year access to Nantong City, "AAA level contract and trustworthy enterprise" honor.
In 2009 developed a "new Division - penetrant", the same year as China Wood Anticorrosion Association.
In 2010, ZTE became the self-inspection and inspection agency, expanding overseas markets in an all-round way and making progress in many regional markets such as Europe, America, South America and Africa.
In 2011, the company passed the ISO9001 certification, passed the third-level standardization acceptance in the same year and was awarded as "Advanced Unit of Talent Work".
In 2013, the brand "Shinco" was awarded as a well-known trademark in Nantong. In the same year, the company was named "Guangdong's most popular paint raw material suppliers" and won the honor of "advanced unit" of enterprise brand building.
In 2014, R & D investment was increased, application of scientific and technological achievements promoted, plant equipment renewed and new products developed: "Shinco - Quick Fungicide" and "Shinco-M6 Wood Pesticide", and customized products tailored to customers' specific needs.
2015 to further expand the scale of enterprises, expanding product lines, investment in the establishment of "Jiangsu days long Biotechnology Co., Ltd.", the company covers an area of ​​43,958 square meters, the registered capital of 15.8 million; for three consecutive years the company was named "Shinco - preservative fungicide "Brand-name products.
In 2016, it was awarded the "Advanced Unit" for special safety management of high-risk industries in MSC. In the same year, it developed "Shinco-S-K Pure Natural Preservatives."
In 2017, the Company further strengthened its comprehensive strength and increased the registered capital of the company to 12.8 million. It developed "Shinco-NA without preservatives" and passed the secondary standardization test in the same year.