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Effect of several factors affecting the fungicide
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There are many factors that influence the fungicide, is one of the main factors of Microbiology and physicochemical factors. The following factors for cases of feed preservative fungicide is introduced in detail.          
(1) microbiology factors: different types and composition of microorganisms most suitable fungicide printed pH range is different, such as composition of benzoic acid is the most suitable fungicide pH in the range of 2.5-4.0, the inhibitor in pH above 5.5 after many microorganisms have no effect on. Types of feed microorganisms and their pollution degree is often uncertain, sometimes also the development of microbial resistance, all of the fungicide effect caused some impact.           
(2) feed water content: the moisture in feed has a great influence on the growth of microorganism. The experiment proved that the moisture content in feed is most suitable for the growth of sanitary clothing when it is 17%-18%. Effect of feed water to the fungicide effect is very complex, for different water content of feed, fungicide dosage should be adjusted accordingly.           
(3) temperature: most microorganisms are best suited to reproduce at a temperature of 25-30 degrees centigrade. But some special microorganisms, such as Mucor, Rhizopus and breeding the most suitable temperature is 25-40 degrees celsius. Therefore, in different temperature condition, should also consider the different dosage of fungicides.           
(4) feed ingredients: fungicides containing special ingredients feed, such as calcium carbonate and protein feeds can neutralize acidic ingredients in the antimicrobial, reduce fungicide use effect, so this should increase the amount of feed, fungicide.